VAN STADEN  Painter & sculptor


Born  South Africa  Lives  Belgium

Name  "Staden" is the name of a small town in Belgium. "Van"is the Dutch word for "from", thus "form the town Staden" People of Staden moved north to the Netherlands and later emigrated to South Africa. In 1680 the first Van Staden arrived in South Africa.


The artist with King Albert of Belgium and the former majorof Nazareth, Mr W. Maebe.

 "Peace Project"The sculpture was cut in two. One halve was sent to Mr. Arafatof Palestine and the other to Mr. Sharon of Isreal. At the timeboth were the leaders of their countries. The young face in the middle of the sculpture symbolises the future of both countries(people), crying or smiling. This was a physical suggestion andin the meantime both have passed on